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Kaye A. Thomas is the author of That Thing Rich People Do: Required Reading for Investors

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Kaye Thomas is the founder of Fairmark Press and author of its books as well as the material on this website. He has been a tax lawyer more years than he will admit, but now devotes most of his time to writing, consulting and public speaking.

While his early books focused on taxation of investments, Kaye realized that a good tax strategy had to be built on a sound approach to investing. Later editions of his books Go Roth! and Consider Your Options offer summaries of relevant principles, and his new book, That Thing Rich People Do, lays out all the basics that every investor should know.

Kaye is a 1980 graduate of Harvard Law School where he served on the Harvard Law Review — yet he admits he knew little about investing until he embarked on a study of the subject many years later. "Like most people," he said, "I finished my formal education without knowing even the basics of investing. Learning this subject was an interesting process, but a frustrating one. There are some great books out there, but also quite a lot of nonsense, and it isn't always easy for a novice to know the difference." One of his goals in writing That Thing Rich People Do was to make this learning process easier for others.

Kaye lives with his wife in the Chicago area.


Kaye Thomas can be reached through Fairmark Press:

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