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Kat01.jpg (7746 bytes)Here are some places Fairmark Press and its author, Kaye Thomas, has been seen recently:

One of the best. In the February 2003 issue of PC World Magazine we're listed among the really useful sites for really busy people. They were especially impressed with our free online Guide to the Roth IRA.

Baltimore. Kaye gave a 3� hour seminar on stock option planning in November 2002 at a regional meeting of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.

San Fran. Kaye spoke on the subject of stock option planning at the annual E*TRADE Business Solutions Group Conference August 11-14 in San Francisco.

Morningstar Advisor. Kaye provides option planning guidance for professional advisors on the Morningstar Advisor web site. His article on pitfalls of the traditional approach to stock option planning appeared August 6 here (registration required).

Option Planning. An article on stock option planning in the August 1 Wall Street Journal quotes Kaye's explanation of one of the principal mistakes option holders make: believing they can predict the future price of their company's stock.

Loss harvesting. Kaye was quoted in Tom Herman's Wall Street Journal article July 25 on the subject of harvesting capital losses.

Sleepless? Kaye visited Amazon.com in Seattle in June 2002 to talk to employees there about stock option planning. Merrill Lynch sponsored the trip.

Second edition of Consider Your Options. The revised and expanded edition of our best-selling option book came out in April 2002.

Forbes AMT article. The April 1, 2002 issue of Forbes has a cover story on AMT, which includes a quote from Kaye on planning for incentive stock options.

Forbes Best. In their Spring 2002 Best of the Web feature, Forbes selects Fairmark as one of the best tax planning sites.

Mercury News. A December 1 article on employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs) in the San Jose Mercury News quotes Kaye on the benefits and risks of participating in these plans.

Wall Street Journal. In their annual year-end special report on taxes, the Wall Street Journal  (November 26, 2001) (subscription required) says "Several tax professionals say the single best [tax] site for investors is Fairmark Press Inc.'s Tax Guide for Investors."

UTMA Regret. An article in Money Magazine's December 2001 issue quotes Kaye on situations where people regret setting up a custodial account.

Financial advisors. Kaye spoke in November 2001 on advanced stock option planning at the western regional meeting of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors in Maui, and wishes to emphasize his availability for talks in similar locations.

Feather in our cap. The Certified Equity Professional Institute of Santa Clara University added our book, Consider Your Options, to their required reading list.

Chicago lawyers. Kaye spoke in October 2001 on stock options to the Financial and Investment Services Committee of the Chicago Bar Association.

I plan on keeping this book close. That's what a reviewer said about our book, Capital Gains, Minimal Taxes, in the August 13 issue of Business Week. They cite our clear explanations and say the book "will help anyone from mutual fund investors to day traders."

E*TRADE Business Solutions. Kaye spoke in August 2001 on stock options at the E*TRADE Business Solutions annual conference in Boston.

Best of the Web. Forbes has repeatedly selected us in the Tax Planning category (most recently in their spring 2001 issue), citing "clear commentary on confusing subjects such as the 'wash sale' rule" and other features. Money Magazine has also selected us repeatedly, calling us one of the top 50 financial web sites.

Using the web. In a March 6, 2001 article, the Chicago Tribune quotes Kaye on how you can use the web to stay on top of taxes connected with your stock portfolio.

Stock option blues. The New York Times quoted Kaye on tax problems of some option holders in their February 18, 2001 issue � front page story!

Our hero. An article in the January 2001 issue of Forbes calls Kaye a "hero" for helping people recognize potential tax problems with ISOs.

Custodial accounts. The "help desk" of Mutual Funds Magazine called on Kaye to respond to a question about an UTMA account in their January 2001 issue.

Managing Stock Options. Kaye is quoted on this topic in an article appearing in the January 2001 issue of Money Magazine.

Defunct mag. Before they went out of business, Online Investor magazine gave us the "Site You Most Need to Use but Probably Don't Award."

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