Traders and Wash Sales

Most investors run into the wash sale rule only occasionally. If you’re an active trader, you’re likely to have a large number of wash sales each year. Discussion of many tax rules for traders appears in our online Tax Guide for Traders, and a more detailed discussion appears in our book, Capital Gains, Minimal Taxes. Overview Generally, … Continue reading “Traders and Wash Sales”

Alternative Minimum Tax 101

The name of this tax inspires some people to imagine a world where we have a choice (or alternative) to pay a smaller amount (a minimum tax). It is our sad duty to crush that dream. The first thing to understand about the alternative minimum tax (or AMT) is an additional tax some people have to pay, on top … Continue reading “Alternative Minimum Tax 101”


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Basis of Stock You Purchase

This page explains how to determine your initial basis and your holding period for stock you bought in a normal purchase. The general rules here don’t apply in the following special situations: Stock you bought from your spouse. Stock you bought through a dividend reinvestment plan. Stock you bought when you exercised an option. Stock … Continue reading “Basis of Stock You Purchase”

Roth IRA for College Savings

A Roth IRA isn’t necessarily the best choice for college savings. There are other types of accounts designed for this purpose: 529 accounts and Coverdell accounts. These accounts work much like Roth IRAs, allowing you to make nondeductible contributions, build up investment earnings inside the account, and eventually withdraw the money, including earnings, without paying … Continue reading “Roth IRA for College Savings”

Go Roth!

The world of tax-free retirement savings is open to more people than ever, as employers add Roth accounts to 401k and other plans and Congress relaxes restrictions on Roth IRAs. This book explains how you can use Roth accounts to build and preserve retirement wealth. About this edition The 2015 edition is the fourth edition of this … Continue reading “Go Roth!”